Domain Name is an Extension of Brand Identity

“Every business owner should own the domain name of their website. It’s basic marketing because your domain name is an extension of your brand identity.”

Domain Ownership is Serious Business

Domain names have many strict rules to ensure its security. Set up your domain information correctly the first time you register, so you don’t scramble at the last minute when a need arises for you to confirm ownership. It will be hard to reach you or prove your identity if you don’t have the correct information on file.

That said, it’s still good practice to keep your contact information confidential by getting a service for domain privacy, which many web hosting companies provide. This will make sure that the only people contacting you are those who have legitimate business for doing so.

At its basic level, the domain name is your website’s address online. The Internet’s location system is based on the IP (Internet Protocol) address. This is a unique string of 4 numbers separated by periods (ex.

Since it’s impractical for most people to remember numbers to go to their favorite websites, scientists created the domain system to assign a unique name to each IP address.

Builds Trust for Your Business

Having a domain name that matches your brand adds credibility and trust to your business. The web address of a business site published through a free web service would look something like this: www.freewebservice/yourbrand/. While a site with a domain name that you own, and published through a paid web hosting service would look like this: www.yourbrand/.

See the difference? A free website address looks exactly like it is – cheap. It doesn’t inspire much confidence from your would-be customer about the credibility of your business.

You need to earn the trust of people online. If you’re not willing to pay for and register your own domain name, why would visitors think you’re brand is trustworthy?

Expands Awareness for Your Brand

If you’re in a highly competitive industry, you may opt to have a domain name that includes your niche, specialization, or business concept added to your brand.

It can help you attract the type of audience that closely resembles your customer profile. The type of people who would likely purchase or avail of your products and services.

For example, a restaurant specializing in gourmet dishes can get a domain name of or bistrobrandgourmet or something similar.

A person online looking to dine at a restaurant with this type of dish in mind would likely be attracted to your domain name. While search engine results are hard to predict, your brand could show up more frequently when someone looks for information about your business niche .

Forward Thinking With Advances in Technology

Owning your domain name shows you’re forward thinking when it comes to emerging digital technologies. When you keep your website up-to-date, people will associate your brand for being current with technology advances as well.

Of course the reverse is also true. How many local business websites have you seen look old and out-dated? From my experience, a good number of them is due to the domain name being owned by a web designer, or someone else who does not care if the brand suffers credibility.  .

Owning your domain name enables you to march in-step with technology for the future of your business. Your brand identity is locked-in because no matter how your website changes over time, your domain name remains the same.