Content for Your Business Website Homepage

“Web content for business are text and images that people find useful, when they’re looking for your products or services.”


1. Homepage Main Image

If you’re not familiar with modifying image attributes, have somebody prepare this picture for you.

The size should ideally be less than half a megabyte (500kb). Raw pictures taken from a camera or even a smartphone would be too big. Image dimensions are around 1980 x 1200 pixels.

A good example would be a picture of your shop, store or cafe with your brand prominently seen. It could also be your brand name with a main product or service.

2. Your Commercial Slogan

It may be a slogan, catchphrase or commercial statement used to describe your business to the public.

3. Short Text Descriptions

Around two to four sentences about main aspects of your business. Examples include “About Us” (people behind your business), “Location” (short description of the place where your store is located), “Products” or “Services.”

4. Call-to-Action (CTA) Statement

A CTA is a short phrase or sentence about an offer, or something that might coax an interested online visitor to contact you.


5. Detailed Description of Your CTA

6. Your Business Email Address.