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Frequently Asked Questions

How important is digital marketing to my business revenue streams?

Surveys show you’re going to see real returns once you get serious about digital marketing. So long as you’re able to track your marketing campaigns.

If you’re already getting success from personal referrals and word-of-mouth advertising, then you have immense potential for growth. You’ll multiply this success through your website, social media and other digital channels.

Is traditional marketing (like print or radio) still important?

Yes, very much so. Think of your whole marketing strategy as a pie. Digital and traditional marketing are different pieces of that pie. How you use each media depends on your message and your target audience.

In general, messages on digital media are aimed at small, specific and targeted audiences. Messages on traditional media are designed for large, broad audiences.

What key factors in web analytics are important for my business?

Good question. There are more freely available web data out there than most businesses know what to do with. Which metrics are the right ones to choose depends on the goals you’ve set. They’re different for every business.

The period of observation is important. It takes time to spot relevant trends that affect the success of your marketing campaigns. Be patient. Your reward will come in the form of better, more informed business decisions based on actual, relevant and measured data.

How do I know how much to spend on digital marketing?

You will need to define the goals that online marketing can help you achieve. Return on investment can come in many forms. It can be increase in sales, new customers acquired or savings on marketing expenses, just to name a few.

For example, web analytics can reveal interest in your brand is strong in a particular city. Your ROI may come in the form of savings in opening a profitable branch in that city.

What are the best online marketing tools that I should use?

There are hundreds of digital marketing tools out there. Determining which one would be a good fit for your business depends on what you want to accomplish. Are you planning to segment customers for target marketing? Sell online? Create profiles of your target audience?

You will need to take a look at your resources, expertise and available staff who would run your online marketing tools. Other tools or features may be added as your business grows and/or technology advances.

Why is marketing automation important for my business?

Simply put, marketing automation helps you to sell and market better. Automation tools for Email Marketing, Online Sales and Customer Engagement have changed the way businesses reach their target market and acquire new customers.

These advanced tools help generate more leads, optimize the efficiency of your marketing team and help develop stronger, more-lasting customer relationships. They organize the way you connect with customers in a targeted and highly personalized manner.

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