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Nestled at the heart of Pansol Laguna, California Beach Pansol is truly a one-of-a-kind and luxurious getaway where family and friends can have a great stay and have quality time together.

Enjoy luxury, exclusivity and quality with your family.

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Swim together with your family in our pool’s natural spring water which comes straight from the legendary Mt.Makiling. Here, you can swim from dusk till dawn because we can regulate the pool temperature with our automated pool temp technology.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, the pool temperature can always adjust to your preference. There’s also no need for  you to worry about the freshness of the water because the pool uses running water technology which replaces the water in a matter of 3 to 6 hours. We regularly check the ph level of the water because your safety is our primary concern.

Our resort is perfect for big families and groups. With its 20 – 30 sleeping capacity (can even fit 40 with extra mattresses and tents; with corresponding charges) and up to 80 persons swimming capacity, you’ll surely do more activities to create unforgettable memories! We also have a secured parking space of up to 30 cars for all Villas.

Big place but you’re only a small family? Don’t worry! Most of our guests are a family of five and they did enjoy their stay because they own the place all for themselves!



Moreover, Laguna is well-known for its hot springs and for many years, locals have been relying on hot spring water to heal and rejuvenate their bodies.  Experience the therapeutic benefits of hotspring straight from the mountain while also enjoying an excellent and relaxing ambiance. It also reduces stress, relieves pain, and solves skin problems such as dry and rough skin. Try it for yourself and experience the healing power of the hot spring water!

Experience the best staycation in Pansol with our cozy rooms partnered with modern designs that will suit your mood for a very soothing and relaxing stay. You will definitely have a restful sleep with our fully air conditioned rooms with premium beds, soft pillows and warm blankets.





If you’re also up for some exciting overnight, glamping is the best way to spend the night where traditional camping meets modern luxury. And if you enjoy the beach life, you can also sunbathe in our white sand area.





Also, complete the night with some poolside barbecue and throw in some beers to start bonding with your friends and family.

But if you just want to relax and chill, let our chef do the cooking. Our private chef can create Five-Course Meal, Boodle Fight, Shabu Shabu, Gourmet Seafood and all kinds of mouthwatering food which can bring family and friends closer!

Don’t shortchange the fun and sing to your favorite songs accompanied by our state of the art audio and video systems or you can also play card games with our professional poker table.

Capture every fun moment and share it online with our hi-speed fibre internet connection of up to 200 mbps! Be connected with friends online whenever you want.

Our resort is an ideal venue for family vacation, team building, group outings, corporate meetings and seminars, and any kind of parties. The area is tailored fit to nurture relationships and develop camaraderie among its guests. No more separation between the young and old during family vacations, everyone can go swimming with the best pool temperature!

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in and start making memorable moments with your whole family and friends!

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