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6 Steps to Building a Successful Business Website

1. Plan the Role of Your Website

Plan what you want your website to do to help you achieve your business goals. What content should you put in place? Budget for design and upkeep.

2. Put Key Elements in Place

These elements are the foundations on which your website will be built. They are basic to getting your site consistently perform to standards.

3. Use a Dynamic CMS Platform

WordPress is the most adaptive content management system (CMS) for local business websites. It transforms your site into a dynamic digital platform.

4. Build Your Pages

Each page of your website should show useful information about your business. Make sure they look good on all computers and mobile devices.

5. Add Business Features

Add features that help drive visitors to engage with your brand. They provide user data you can use to create more successful marketing campaigns.

6. Manage and Maintain

The best way to manage your website is to add content and perform routine maintenance regularly. Learn important tasks needed to keep your site updated, backed-up and secure.

Key Componenents of Successful Business Websites

Built for Success

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Increase your marketing reach to tablet and mobile audiences. Responsive web design gives the user an improved site experience. This will have a positive impact on your sales conversion rates.

Admin Control

Web Analytics

The secret to achieving success in online marketing is web analytics. Identify, measure and monitor your website’s performance metrics that lead to more sales and customers.

Website Cost Components

There’s a wide range of costs in building and maintaing a website. For a small business, a basic, 5-page custom website showing general information such as an intro, products, services, location and contact would be a powerful digital marketing channel.

On the other hand, large organizations would likely require advanced business features such as online payment systems, automated email marketing, appointment scheduling systems, and other automated online tasks.

This may also help you decide what resources, and how much, you would want to allocate for your business to fully profit from digital marketing.


The basic components needed for building and maintaining a website are recurring cost items, normally paid on an annual basis.


Web design costs are one-time payments for basic websites. Design primarily involves customizing to industry standards and adding common features such as contact data, email forms, logos, etc.

There are two main types of business sites – E-commerce and not E-commerce. E-commerce sites can accept online payments. They cost more to build.


Automation enables your business to be available to your customers 24/7. Automated tasks include email autoresponders, message respones and online payments.

Automation costs include a setup fees, transaction fees, bank charges and other service fees.

Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns are a vital part of business in any industry. They involve product or service promotions conducted through social, paid search, print media and other marketing channels.

Paid media service costs depend on frequency. They include PR launches, social media campaigns, print ads, etc.

Themes and Plugins

Website functions such as image and text caching, email forwarding, form downloads, etc. involve software integrations known as themes and plugins.

These items require periodic software development updates to keep abreast of advances in Internet technology. They involve recurring purchase costs commonly made on an annual basis.

Maintenance and Updates

Keeping your website performing to high standards involve regular maintenance works. This is also a recurring cost.

Maintenance, updating, security and backup are part of our services as web design and digital marketing providers. These are routine services performed regularly (weekly), and paid on a yearly basis.

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