Build Your Business Website With WordPress

Let me help you build a business website that can engage your customers and expand your market.
– Mark Mendoza, Digital Marketing Strategist


Get a Website That Helps You Achieve Business Goals

Target Marketing

Promote your products and services directly to your target market. Use free web digital data to hone in on your target buyer profiles. Use results to create better promotions.

Buyer Expectations

People expect you to be current with technology. Your business suffers when buyers can’t get your product information on their mobile devices.

Total Control

Control all aspects of your marketing campaigns through your business website. Get a better handle on your branding strategy. Increase brand visibility online.

6 Steps to Building a Successful Business Website

1. Plan the Role of Your Website

Plan what you want your website to do to help you achieve your business goals. What content do you put in place? Project budget?

4. Build Your Main Pages

Each main page of your website should highlight critical information about your business. Make sure they look good on screens of all sizes on computers and mobile devices.

2. Put Essential Elements in Place

These elements are the foundations on which your website will be built. They are basic to getting your site consistently perform to the highest standards.

5. Add Business Features

Add business features that help drive visitors to engage with your brand. They provide user data and information you can use to create more successful marketing campaigns.

3. Use a Dynamic CMS Platform

WordPress is probably the most adaptive content management system (CMS) for local business sites. Its themes and plugins elevate your site from a static neon sign to a dynamic digital platform.

6. Manage and Maintain

The best way to manage your website is to add content and perform routine maintenance regularly. Learn important tasks needed to keep your site updated, backed-up and secure.

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